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Sarah DaSilva


Sarah DaSilva has a deep passion for real estate.  Being a career Realtor and living on Cape Cod year round, she sees the true meaning to buying a unique coastal property.  Cape Cod is like no other place, and Sarah sees the value in that.  It is a location filled with unique properties, rich in coastal history.  Sarah prides herself on having a deep knowledge of the local area and it's surroundings, as well as what makes Cape properties unique.  

Having worked for other franchise real estate companies in the past, Sarah saw what NextHome offered that others didn't, and didn't waste anytime at becoming part of the NextHome family. Offering cutting edge technology, transaction management and a fresh real estate model, her clients rave about what a positive experience working with her company is. Also, with a long history of customer service experience, Sarah makes sure that each client receives VIP service from her every step of the way.  Honesty, integrity, professionalism, and expertise of the area just to name a few, are the attributes of a Realtor that Sarah holds dear. 

In addition to being a Realtor, Sarah is also a wife to Jadon DaSilva (a local business owner) and a mother to their beautiful daughter. Growing up in CT, she always knew she was meant to take a different path than what was in front of her. After meeting Jadon (a Cape Cod native) at the age of 19, she had her answer. They made the move to Cape Cod and started their life together after being married in March of 2006. Family circumstances brought them back to CT shortly thereafter, and for 6 years, they stayed. But they always dreamed of making it back to the Cape. In 2014, their dream came true, they purchased a business on the Cape and made the move back. Sarah immediately knew she wanted to be a Realtor on Cape Cod, and thankfully long time friend, Livia Freitas Monteforte, was there to guide her. Having started her business from scratch, Livia was an amazing mentor to Sarah and guided her to become one of the premier agents on the Cape. 

Sarah feels truly blessed to be part of the amazing team that Livia and NextHome have built together, and it shows in the relationships that she builds with each and every client. 

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